Working at LSV Lech-Stahl Veredelung

Working at LSV – we need more people with heart and soul

We only make promises we are able to keep. Around 300 dedicated employees put their heart and soul into working in our production facilities and indirect areas such as sales, purchasing and general administration. The work environment is not always clean, especially in production. There can be dust and noise along with a few choice words from the colleague next to you on the production line. “Old-timers” who have been with us for years feel just as comfortable here as junior staff fresh out of university. Making a difference in the world with our steel products is our shared motive. The vision and mission of LSV defines our occupational identity. We are not perfect, but committed with heart and soul to the company with its unique dynamics. You know what that means when you are one of us.

Use our application form for a concrete job offer or on your own initiative – we are curious and want to get to know you!

Top customers

Our customers include the big players in the automobile industry and their suppliers. We maintain long-term customer/supplier relationships.

Further development

An agile organisation needs employees who are willing to contribute beyond their own specialist field. That is why we provide freedom for our employees and facilitate continuous further development.


Our company pension plan, Job Rad company bikes and more – recognising employee performance with voluntary additional benefits is important to us.

Health promotion

“Arrive healthy and leave healthy” is not just a set phrase for us. As a production company, we are aware of our responsibility for the health of our employees every single day. We promote the health and fitness of our employees through participation in qualitrain.

Urban environment

We are at home in the region of the Munich – Augsburg – Donauwörth economic triangle near the Lech. You can find urban flair in the vicinity as well as rural peace.

Workplace design

We emphasise the ergonomics of office workstations and make sure that adverse effects at the production workstations are reduced to a minimum through the use of personal protective equipment.