• First Sustainability Report from LSV

Title picture Sustainability Report LSV 2021

First sustainability report to be published for the 2021 financial year

LSV Lech-Stahl Veredelung GmbH (LSV), a subsidiary of the only steelworks in Bavaria, Lech-Stahlwerke, has published its first sustainability report. For the first time, LSV documents in it that business success and sustainable action belong together. The report is based on the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) for the preparation of sustainability reports.

The GRI standard enables stakeholders in a sustainable global economy to report their economic, ecological and social performance and the corresponding impacts transparently and to make them comparable.

As part of the Max Aicher group of companies, LSV's range of services covers a broad spectrum of steel finishing. Steel as a material inherently offers the decisive advantage of complete recycling. This is why LSV explicitly points out in its sustainability report that the steel produced at and sourced from Lech-Stahlwerke is made from recycled scrap. LSV sources its steel from the parent company, among others, and thus more than 90 per cent regionally.

In LSV's corporate philosophy, the topic of sustainability is an integral part of the mission. In addition, the company also emphasises the significance and importance of cooperation in the form of active employees who are supported in their further development by LSV.

On the production side, LSV is actively working to conserve resources and save energy. The company faces the particular challenge of putting its energy-intensive processes, especially the heat treatment of steel, to the internal test for potential savings. The production processes are integrated into the circular economy of the group of companies, for example by processing chips that are produced and feeding them back into steel production.

The sustainability report also draws attention to the areas of occupational health and safety as well as employee training and further education. The reporting year 2021 is particularly convincing with a significant reduction in the number of occupational accidents. This shows that LSV has placed greater emphasis on workplace-related instruction and preventive health measures in recent years.

The LSV sustainability report can be downloaded in English here.

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