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Our range of services reflects our extensive know-how

Our extensive know-how in the field of refined quality steel opens up a wide range of applications in many areas of the automobile industry, the commercial vehicle sector and railway industry, mechanical engineering and plant construction, the energy sector and the construction industry. Customer-specific component properties have to be met for every application. We are your competent, experienced and flexible partner in every phase of your project. Our technical customer support also provides individual advice on materials and suitable alternatives. Ask our experts directly.

Our range of services provides you with a quick overview of our portfolio.

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Steel and standards

General construction steel DIN EN 10025
Steel for flame- & induction hardening DIN 17212 (withdrawn)
Steel for quenching & tempering DIN EN ISO 683-1 /-2
Case hardening steel DIN EN ISO 683-3
Nitriding steel DIN EN ISO 683-5
Free-cutting steel DIN EN 683-4
Spring steel DIN EN 10089
Cold extrusion steel DIN EN 10263 part 1-5
Ball bearing steel DIN EN ISO 683-17
Chain steel DIN 17115
Tool steel DIN EN ISO 4957
AFP steel DIN EN 10267
Stainless steel DIN EN 10088 part 1, part 3
Type Spectrum ∅ min. ∅ max. length min. length max.
Inductive surface hardening (+RSH) on single bar surface hardening to defined hardening depths and surface hardness 18,00 50,00 3000 8000
Inductive quenching and tem-pering (+QT) on single bar QT to target strength/structure specifications (tubes up to OD 50mm) 18,00 70,00 3000 8000
Inductive hardening (+Q) on single bar Hardening to target strength/structure specifications 18,00 70,00 3000 8000
Conventional annealing in furnace Target strength/structure specifications (+A, +AC, +FP, +N, +S, +TH, +SR, +CR) 18,00 125,00 3000 8500
Saws (bandsaw) Sawing in bundles for standard lengths 18,00 300,00 3000 8000
Straightening Straightness max. 2mm 18,00 85,00 3000 8000
Peeling and straight polishing Toleranz field h9 acc. to DIN EN 10277 (straight polishing up to ∅ 80mm) 18,00 125,00 3000 8000
End machining Chamfering/deburring/facing 18,00 100,00 3000 8000
Non-destructive material testing Crack testing, ultrasonic testing, mix-up testing 18,00 100,00 3000 8000
Grinding Toleranz field h6 up to h9 acc. to DIN EN 10277 18,00 60,00 3000 7800
Saws (cold circular saws) Fixed lengths 18,00 90,00 20 2500
End machining Chamfering/deburring/facing/pivoting/centering/ brushing/signing/stamping 18,00 90,00 20 2500
Grinding Tolerance field h6 up to h9 acc. to DIN EN 10277 20,00 35,00 500 1000
Long turning Contour machining on request
Surface blasting Medium: glass beads or on request on request


Refining Processes