Our know-how is steel refining

Beyond bright steel production, we offer a wide range of steel refining and additional services. We supply our bar steel to numerous industries in different versions. In doing so, we benefit from steel production in the Max-Aicher Group’s own steelworks and roller mills. Our own steel supply enables a high degree of specialisation to meet your specific requirements for component characteristics and processing as well as a high degree of reproducibility for the physical-technological properties of our steel products. Complemented by steel processing and heat treatment know-how, we are able to meet your special and individual requirements. This makes us the partner of choice for meeting particularly challenging customer specifications regarding steel properties and the strictest tolerances. The interplay of know-how and the latest systems engineering for bright steel production, short section production, inductive heat treatment and conventional tempering form the basis for your high-quality products and their further development.
Our competent technical customer service supports you in every phase of your project and provides comprehensive steel refining advice. Talk to us or request a quote directly.

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System for inductive single-rod tempering

Heat Treatment

We ensure the best machinability and optimum component properties by combining a customised steel solution and targeted heat treatment to adjust microstructural properties.

Precise bright steel production from quality steel

Bright Steel Production

Our bright steel is the right product for you if your demands on dimensional accuracy and quality exceed the possibilities of rolled steel bars.

Sawn short lengths or short pieces of bar steel or bright steel

Short Parts Production

Our bar steel and bright steel is sawn, planned or centre-drilled according to customer dimensions.

Steel material testing in the laboratory at LSV Lech Stahl Veredelung

Material Testing

Our steel is subjected to numerous in-process inspections. Our quality experts have an extensive portfolio of measuring and testing methods at their disposal.