Short sections from short section production at LSV Lech-Stahl Veredelung

Our short parts production for precise lengths of bar and bright steel

Our bar steel and bright steel is the ideal primary material for short parts production. After heat treatment in our single bar quenching and tempering system or conventional heat treatment in the furnace and required peeling and polishing processes, the steel can, for example, be sawn to customer dimensions in our automated short parts line, planed or centred according to the customer’s specifications. Our short parts production supports lengths and length tolerances from 90 to 2,500 mm.


Precise sawing for semi-finished products with tight tolerances

Sawn ends of bar steel at LSV Lech-Stahl Veredelung

The sawing and processing centre produces semi-finished products with tight tolerances in a very short time. Automated conveying systems transport the long material to the saw, where it is cut to length directly according to the customer’s requirements. The resulting short parts can also be centred and planed before being sorted into the respective customer containers by a fully automated system using magnets.

Contour turning

All short sections can also be adapted according to customer requirements by means of machining. Complex contours and prefabrication are possible. Our contoured racks are mainly used in the automobile industry and mechanical engineering. They are the ideal blanks and semi-finished products of high quality as the basis for outstanding products.

Planing, chamfering and blasting processes are embedded in end machining

Various component surface finishes can be achieved with grinding and possible glass bead blasting. The surface finish is tailored to the subsequent application.
A 100% inspection with the VICIVISION TECHNO measuring system can be carried out as well. This is the optimal solution for the exact and speedy measurement of components with rotational symmetry. We handle the further processing of bright steel short sections in fixed and precision lengths with accurate weights on request. End machining with the planing, chamfering and centering of both ends produces sections that are mostly or entirely free from burrs.