Dual Studies at LSV

The cooperative study program melts your lifeblood with steel

In a cooperative study program, you can combine your university studies with vocational training and work experience in our company. The occupational elements at LSV are closely linked to the combined study course in material engineering (Bachelor of Engineering).


How the cooperative study program works:

The cooperative study program takes four and a half years. The first year is dedicated entirely to vocational training in the company and at the Berufsschule in Selb vocational school. University studies, vocational training in the company and learning at the vocational school make up the next three and a half years. The term time is spent entirely at the university in Nuremberg, followed by vocational training in the company and/or vocational school attendance during the term time break.


Cooperative study program contents:

The university studies run over seven semesters. Aside from classroom learning, you also complete several mandatory internships in the university’s laboratories to reinforce theoretical learning through practice. The first three semesters mostly cover the basics. These include the most important fundamentals of materials including metals, ceramics, polymers, glass and composites as well as nanotechnology, among other things. You also gain an understanding of, for example, engineering mechanics as well as systems for measurement and control. In addition to the mandatory core subjects, there is a broad selection of elective courses that also cover topics from other courses of study. The major for the principal semester is chosen in the fourth and six semesters. Ten major modules are offered in total. Six of them have to be chosen, three to be completed in the fourth semester and the other three in the sixth semester. A specialisation in certain specialist fields of materials engineering follows from the chosen major. The content of the modules is roughly divided according to the previously mentioned material groups for the first three semesters. Furthermore, the fifth and sixth semesters are spent exclusively with the training company. A project thesis has to be completed in the fifth semester with a final presentation to the students and professors. In conclusion, a bachelor thesis and a project thesis are written in the company during the seventh semester. The period from the start to the submission of the bachelor thesis is six months. A scope of work has to be prepared during this time and documented in a report of about 40 pages. The project thesis is completed in parallel with the bachelor thesis. It can encompass a separate small project or, for example, cover preliminary investigations or research work for the bachelor thesis. The Bachelor of Engineering academic degree is awarded upon successful completion.