LSV Corporate Philosophy Vision Mission

Our philosophy –
the basis of our day-to-day activities


The Max Aicher Foundation’s mission statement

We are part of the Max Aicher Foundation group of companies, one of Bavaria’s largest private foundations. The group’s shared mission statement establishes mandatory principles for us that guide our entrepreneurial activities. Here are the Mandatory Principles and Guidelines of Max Aicher Foundation group.


The LSV vision, mission and values

Our vision

Our steel products result from our ongoing dialogue with our customers.
We strive to exceed the requirements of the market leaders in the metal processing industry and to develop as a partner on an equal footing over the long term.

Our mission

Fast and flexible ex works deliveries to our customers drive our day-to-day activities. Our steel products are defined by immediate availability and high quality. Our prices reflect our high degree of reliability, service and performance. We are committed to stability and the sustainability of our products, customer relationships and internal relations. We continuously support the further development of our employees. Active employees are our foundation as a sustainable and successful company.

Our values

LSV Value Respect


We interact with others without prejudice, with tolerance and fairness. We engage in open communication and make our intentions clear to everyone.

LSV Value Trust


We keep our promises. The confidence placed in us serves as the basis for our actions and is part of our integrity.

LSV Value Passion


As active participants, we inspire and perform with passion to achieve economic success. In doing so, we overcome limitations and grow beyond ourselves.

LSV Value Reliability


You can rely on us. We keep our promises to customers, suppliers and colleagues.

LSV Value Courage

Willingness to change (courage)

We approach changes openly and with courage. We face new challenges with our full creative will. We take reasonable risks with confidence and make decisions without fear of making mistakes.

Freedom for creativity

Freedom for creativity

We are open to new ideas and continuously review how we can improve and do better. We pursue creative solutions and provide the necessary freedom for action.

LSV Value Honesty


We communicate openly, honestly and are able take criticism. We clearly express our expectations internally as well as externally. We share information without leaving room for misinterpretation.