Automotive bar steel from LSV Lech-Stahl Veredelung

Automotive – our steel gets things moving

Steel from LSV Lech-Stahl Veredelung forms the basis for mobility and literally gets things moving. Components made of our steel are found in almost every vehicle from well-known car manufacturers. With our peeled bar steel, we supply the basis for various parts and assemblies of our customers in the automotive industry.

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Staying the course with steering components made of LSV steel

A firm grip on the steering wheel, the vehicle on course – no problem with steering components made of Lech steel. With our extensive expertise and many years of experience in steel processing, we supply more than 4 million steering rack blanks to our customers every year.

Engine fabrication – steel for sustainable mobility

Steel from LSV Lech-Stahl Veredelung is used in engine fabrication. Uses range from piston systems to camshafts and cam units in the complex component system of a combustion engine to parts for common rail injection. Here both the rail itself and, for example, the injection lines are made of material supplied by LSV. These fuel storage systems are not only used in the automotive sector but also in the commercial vehicle industry and in shipbuilding.

Drive train – steel for stability

Sturdy yet flexible drive train and transmission components are essential to transfer the engine output to the street. Maximum durability with minimal wear is often a key requirement. Which is why our bright steel is processed among others to durable drive shafts by our customers.

Transmission gears and bevel gears are also made using our steel. Ready-made short sections of accurate weight with heat treatment according to customer requirements, designed for subsequent shaping, are produced for differentials in the vehicle drive train and the corresponding bevel gears.

Essential motor vehicle safety systems such as parking brake and seat belt tensioner units as well as air bag fabrication components are part of the end customer portfolio.

Chassis – steel for driving comfort

Our steel is processed stabilisers and springs for safe driving characteristics, both in production cars and in racing sports.

E-mobility – steel as the trailblazer

LSV Lech-Stahl Veredelung supplies primary material for the core components of modern electric drive systems, enabling the electromobility of tomorrow. This includes, for example, rotor shafts for use in electric vehicles or pedelecs.

From peeled bars to ground bar steel to turned short sections, we are able to meet your needs and requirements thanks to the latest manufacturing techniques and production equipment. Critical and safety-related components are the rule rather than the exception. With end-to-end quality and process monitoring, our dedicated employees are committed to compliance with the highest standards and norms. Our technical customer service works closely with our customers and finds the right steel grade.

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LSV Round Blank for steering (502.7 KB)