Bars for mechanical engineering and plant construction from LSV Lech-Stahl Veredelung

Mechanical engineering and plant construction – steel for precision

Technological progress over the past centuries is based on the use of steel as a material. Industrialisation and the development of railways, generating plants and mechanical engineering would have been inconceivable without steel. Tailor-made steel developments such as heat-treated steel, tool steel, machining steel and construction steel have improved performance and make perfectly fitting solutions possible.

Our bar steel is, for example, used to fabricate drills and chisels in the tool industry. Material from LSV Lech-Stahl Veredelung is used in the form of linear guide components in complex production facilities. The required precision in the field of linear technology is achieved thanks to specific inductive case hardening and precise surface processing.

Among others, our peeled bars are processed into chains for hoisting and conveying systems. In linear technology, our round bars are used as the basis for linear guides. Our bar steel and bright steel is the primary material for numerous fields of application in mechanical engineering and plant construction. Our customers trust in our materials for virtually all technical applications, including gear wheels as essential, connecting machine elements. Here we place special emphasis on the properties of the steel to support subsequent processing options.

From mechanical properties such as tensile strength, core hardness or a specific surface hardness to geometric properties such as the tightest diameter tolerances, the properties of our bright steel can be precisely adapted to customer requirements and therefore to further processing by the customer and for industrial applications.

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